The Salon Series is an exhibition and discussion project that emphasizes participation between guests and artists to explore meaning, context and craft of new work.

Our goal is to have intelligent discussions about art, food and wine without the pretension and attitude. The Salon Series was founded on the belief that each attendee's personal experience informs art and food uniquely, and that sharing those perspectives is beneficial to artists and viewers alike.


Salon events are held at restaurants, private residencies, empty store fronts, and arts clubs. We curate shows to craft unique viewing experiences that encourage your attention and thought.


Our events assume our guests are there to talk, and to listen. Our goal is an audience talking as much (if not more than) the artist to create and link multiple points of view.



We work with the best culinary talent to make an evening that's as tasty as it is thoughtful. Menus are inspired by the artists' work and can range from cocktails to 6-course, sit-down meals.